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5 Ways to generate links with your affiliate website with Ahrefs

Link building for an affiliate website can be very difficult, however there are also tips and tricks that you can use immediately. In this article, I will discuss 5 methods that I use or have used in the past. The great thing is that these methods are immediately applicable.

1. Build contacts with your partners

With affiliate marketing you work on a commission basis. Both parties benefit from a good cooperation. When you assume that relevant links are very important, a link from the website (s) of one of your partners would be nice.

Search for examples and outbound pages

Before you submit a link, you want to know that you have a chance of success. Thanks to Ahrefs, this is now a lot easier.

Step 1

Explore your partner’s website with the Site Explorer and click “Linked Domains” under the heading “Outgoing Links”.

Step 2

Check outbound links of your partner’s domain. I first look for potential competitors in this list. If my competitors are mentioned here, I want to be mentioned too. This is an essential step for the application and the way a link is obtained.

I notice that an insurance site is linked here. This means they are open for commercial links. Time to grab my chance to make a link request for (winter coats in Dutch). In this case, this will be an application for a blog because the link is also posted from a blog.

Step 3: Insertion

The most important part is the insertion. Because without a good insert, you lower the chance of a placement. With a good insertion, you give off the idea that it is nice to place it on the site. In this case, I have suggested a blog where I will also pay attention to winter jackets on my blog. Other examples of a good insert are:

  • Research;
  • An interview;
  • Giving a prize or award.

Link Intersect

The Link Intersect allows you to enter domains of your competition. After entering the link you will see which domains link to your competitors, but not yet to your domain.

3. Broken Link Strategy

The Site Explorer gives you great insights into the link profiles of your competition. You may have competition links that appear on a 404 page. These links could be a target for you because when a link is broken, the page needs to be edited.

From this point on you can choose a normal listing or a replacement of the broken link. The latter might be a little aggressive: you want to remove a link from your competition and add your link. It is up to you to judge which strategy suits you best.

Another option is to check a domain for which you want a link to apply in this way. This will allow you to see which page contains broken links. When a relevant page contains a broken link, that’s a great opportunity to send a request with a good strategy.

Tip: Do you quickly want to check a link on a page? If this is the case, I like to work with the “Check-My-Links” plugin (Chrome).

4. Register a domain with backlinks

This option is a bit tricky and I do not recommend it on a large scale. Redirecting a domain occurs especially when a business is taken over, but it’s also a notorious link building strategy. You can perform this strategy in two ways:

  1. Register to redirect;
  2. Register to set up your own content.

Step 1: Choose a domain (with authority)

This domain can be accessed to see if there are links to domains that are free to register.

Step 2: Export the outgoing links

Enter a domain on the Site Explorer and go to “Outgoing Links”. Then click on “Export” and select an option for export.

Step 3: Check whether the domains are to be registered

After you press “Start export”, Ahrefs creates an Excel file for all domains. On Starterlist, you’ll find a list of companies where you have a bulk checker to check multiple domains at once. My advice is to do about 200 domains at a time.


  • Register a domain that is relevant to your website;
  • Always check the Site Explorer to see which backlinks have the domain;
  • If you redirect the domain, redirect this domain to the most relevant page;
  • If you write content to place on this domain, make sure that the content matches the current backlink profile.

5. (Free) promotion

A good affiliate site guarantees sales and leads. When you send a lot of leads to a partner, this partner will be happy with you and maybe even post a link to your website.

With my affiliate sites, I have offered to promote an advertiser (for a certain time) for free in a sidebar or popup in exchange for a link. In this way you exchange something valuable with each other. The advertiser gets sales, and you get a nice link.

Sometimes advertisers ask if they can be promoted on your site. This is a great opportunity to get a link because the advertiser wants something from you and may be prepared to do something about it. Often such a proposal is accompanied by an increased commission (for a certain period) to make it interesting. You could “claim” or ask for a link in return for placement on your website. In some cases, affiliate feeds are used. I regularly get emails from affiliate managers with the request to include a customer.

Thanks to the affiliate feed, this can be very easy because of the fact that feeds generally have a higher conversion rate, because a click is directly on a deeper page with high relevancy. This is an aspect that you can take to make a “case” with others to link to you.

Do you have a nice addition or way to get good links to an affiliate website? Let us know in the comments.



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