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The idea of creating a dashboard that keeps track of both your income and the website statistics started in 2016, when the quarterly report had to be compiled. Of course there were other available dashboards on the market, but none of them was offering the features and parameters that we (affiliate marketeers/website owners) needed.

In addition, it was difficult to track leads. From the moment a lead gets generated until its approval/disapproval, is very time-costly. This reviewing process can take up to 100 days. As a busy marketeer, of course, you do not have time to constantly keep track of every single one of your leads. That’s why keeps track of those changes and that’s how you know exactly when a lead is approved or disapproved.

Problem 1: There are a lot of networks

Every networks has a different way of reporting. It’s very time consuming to combine every report into one. This is where has a lot of value: all your statistics are available and filterable.

Problem 2: There is no clear overview

In short: can save you a lot of time thanks to the following features:

  • Insights in the amount of leads and sales per website / network / program;
  • Lead status tracking: so that you know exactly when and which lead or sale is approved or disapproved;
  • Exact overview of what you have earned per day, month, quarter, year;
  • Combined statistics on visitors, clicks and leads;
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly reports;

Pitch deck

pitchdeck In the pitch deck we cover different subjects, from market research to our own vision. Also you can see the persons behind The most exciting part is the newer version of the current dashboard, which we will be working on after implementing all the affiliate networks’ APIs.

Download the Pitch deck (26,3MB)

A few words from the CEO

As an affiliate marketeer I’ve been active for over 7 years in different competitive markets (finance, fashion and gambling). Through my concepts, I am aiming at providing expert content, high rankings and generating quality traffic and leads. I believe in making decisions based on insights, which is also a big part of It really helps me to have all my data in one place, and I am sure I’m not the only marketeer who needs this (badly).