How to connect Adsense?

Step 1: go to the networks page in your app and click the “Connect” button
Step 2: login into your Google Account
Step 3: give permission to import your AdSense analytics, do not close this tab, time depends on the amount of data we have to import, once we're done you will be redirected to

AdSense: makes sense

AdsenseFounded in 2003, AdSense is extremely popular due to high payouts (68% of the share goes to publishers) and because of their experience as an affiliate network. Also, Mobile Ad units, as well as WordPress plugin are available. Additionally, AdSense has a high fill rate.

If you are looking to generate income with Google Adsense, you would have to pay attention to different things. For instance, the type of traffic your site receives should be as organic and as possible. Accordingly, the topic/niche of your website needs to be genuine and interesting. Target audience and ad placement is also something you can adjust.

Regulations at AdSense
As a network of good repute, they have precise guidelines about content they tolerate. This means there cannot be any inappropriate content on your site (violence, pornography, drug trafficking etc) nor will they help you monetize your site if you are selling forged goods. Also, copyright infringement or dealing with any other illegal doings is strictly prohibited.

Therefore, it is extremely important to adhere to the rules and regulations because you can easily be banned from using AdSense. It is extremely difficult to recover your account once you have broken AdSense’s rules.

AdSense Pros

    1. Available for free. If you are looking to cut your costs, you will appreciate the free Google AdSense app.
    2. Trouble-free implementation. An extensive number of users claim that AdSense is quite easy to use. Also, you can customize your ads so that they fit your niche and don’t scare off the visitor.

No minimum traffic requirement. Although, it is important for your site to have at least decent traffic (either generated by SEO or social media), in order to generate revenue.

AdSense Cons

  1. Underdeveloped customer support. This aspect does put off a lot of publishers as there is no support email address. Although, you can access the contact form in their Help Section.
  2. Few layout options. Banner, Rectangle or Skyscraper are the only types of ads you can place on your site.

Payments at Adsense
They offer both the per-click and per-impression commission types with the payment frequency of NET-30. You can receive payment through EFT, Western Union, Check, Rapida and by wire transfer. The minimum payout is at $10.

Conclusion about AdSense

Google AdSense can help you secure per click earnings, although you would perhaps want to pay attention to the advice mentioned above. This affiliate network is a safe bet, however you should not expect it to do all the work.