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Get all your Affilinet data and Google Analytics in one dashboard for free!

The dashboard is made to give you an overview in the best way possible. By giving you options to filter, you can obtain any statistic you like. E.g. ‘how much did my affiliate program generate last week?’ It takes just 3 clicks or less.

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Never in doubt about how your Affilinet affiliate programs and websites are performing

When you hate logging in everywhere, exporting and remembering your data or just creating overviews yourself, then is the perfect solution for you. Find more features below.

Track your Affilinet sales

Import all your Affilinet sales automatically and track the commission status.

Combine with Google Analytics

All your visitors’ statistics in one place: you no longer need to search for your KPI’s.

Clear and time saving overview

Our dashboard is created to give you peace of mind as well as comfort since it’s clear, precise and easy to use.


  • Connect your favorite network to Google Analytics
  • Up to 25 leads per month
  • Perfect for starters.



  • Ulimited networks
  • Up to 100 leads per month
  • Unlimited features
  • Perfect for medium sized websites.


  • Unlimited networks
  • Unlimited leads
  • Unlimited features
  • Perfect for big websites.

Affiliate network information: Affilinet

Affilinet is one of the oldest performance marketing companies in the Europe that has been providing online marketing platform services since 1997. With a huge network of 700,000 publishers and 3500 advertisers.

Affilinet is certainly a great platform for affiliates looking for strong and reliable partnership programs. Affilinet has officers all over Europe in UK, France, Germany, Austria, Spain, Netherlands and Switzerland.

Affiliate solutions for everyone

Whether you are beginning your career as an affiliate or an experienced affiliate, Affilinet provides excellent opportunities to monetize your website or blog. Finding the right affiliate programs and partners is extremely difficult for affiliates especially if you are starting out. When you already have a large audience, you should be careful about the products you promote. Affilinet provides excellent opportunity to partner with handpicked advertisers which can strengthen your affiliate network.

Affilinet also provides a future-proof technology rich platform for tracking, reporting and payment processing. You can manage all your affiliate marketing activities using the Affilinet interface. The Match Master tool lists suitable affiliate partnerships among the 3500 affiliate programs based on your affiliate activity.

Benefits for Affilinet affiliates

Currently, Affilinet provides multiple affiliate programs in 14 different categories. It has numerous affiliate programs in the online shopping niche that is currently popular among affiliates. Depending on your niche audience, you can easily fint appropriate affiliate partnerships using a quick search.

  • Exclusive management interface – Affilinet user-friendly interface allows you to manage multiple affiliate partnerships through a single window.
  • State-of-the-art tracking – Affiliate performance can be measured only with proper tracking and Affilinet platform provides just that.
  • Reporting tools – The statistic evaluation tools summarize the affiliate activities with the exact figures you need to measure your performance.
  • Attractive affiliate tools – Depending on the affiliate program you have chosen, you can pick from various affiliate marketing tools like banners, product data feeds, text links, newsletters, video advertisements and flash films. The dynamic content can make your affiliate website even more interesting.

Payout structure

Affilinet is one of the reliable platforms for affiliates because publishers are pre-paid for approved leads and sales even before the advertisers. The pay per click commission program enables affiliates to get paid accurately on time. The payment model can be customized according to the requirements of affiliates. Multiple pay per click models – Cost per Acquisition (CPA), Cost per Lead (CPL), Cost per Click (CPC) are offered. Affilinet pays in the middle of every month when the sales and leads are greater than £25.

Affilinet is a great affiliate marketing platform for beginner and expert affiliates alike. The different pay per click models enable affiliates to get paid simply for referring visitors to advertisers. Diversified affiliate programs enable affiliates from different niches to find great long term affiliate partnerships in Europe.