Ahrefs Review: A Great Link Research Tool

I am certain that you are aware that there are many SEO tools that can help you improve your search traffic, to learn about the competitor’s strategy, and many other things.

Try Ahrefs for free
You are also aware that those SEO tools usually cost money and that you cannot be sure whether they are profitable. However, Ahrefs offers you its premium features as a free trial for 14 days and in that time you can find out everything you are interested about in the world of SEO tools. Read below why I think use of Ahrefs is well-spent money.

Ahrefs is the tool that any modern marketeer needs

Ahrefs is a platform that shows you why your competitors outrank you and what is needed to be done to beat them in this game. Thanks to their huge database of backlinks, many features, and many tools, you can find out what you are doing wrong, where opportunities are, and how you can improve your SEO strategy.

Overall, most of the comments regarding Ahrefs are positive, and the negative ones are mostly due to personal preferences. Many suggest that it takes a little bit of time to learn to use all of the features. On the other hand, many also suggest that Ahrefs is actually very handy for your SEO work, because of various features that helps you in your SEO work. As for the pros and cons, the most important thing is not just to rely on search engine options, but primarily to think about producing great content for your website.

Why do I use Ahrefs

  • I can check (spy on) my competition
  • Know where the competition gets links
  • Websites that link to me and keeping track of those links
  • With the broken link option I can identify weak spots
  • The dashboard gives me a nice and quick overview of how my websites are doing

What does Ahrefs have to offer? 

Site Explorer
Let’s start with Site Explorer, for which someone cleverly wrote that it “is Ahrefs bread and butter”. With Site Explorer, you can analyze your website backlinks profile as well as the competitor’s website. People also use it for exploring the most profitable keywords for both paid and organic search. It also includes: lost backlinks, broken backlinks, link growth, used anchors, and many other features.

Position Explorer
There is also Position Explorer, a very valuable tool that helps you make your content better. Position Explorer is connected with organic traffic research, and its main goal is to find why your competitor is higher-ranked on Google searches. By analyzing and finding keywords via this process, in the end, you will be the winner in this battle. Ahrefs also sends you updates on your positions.

Content Explorer
Then there is Content Explorer. This tool will aid you in finding the most popular content on almost any topic. The focus of this tool is mainly on shares for Twitter, Facebook, and other social media.

Keyword Tracker and Rank Tracker
Moreover, there is an option on Ahrefs where you can add keywords and track their position over time. By using The Rank Tracker feature you can follow and track various keywords and check how they rate in different location.

Crawl Report and Alerts
Two more useful tools that could be found on this SEO platform are Crawl Report and Alerts. Crawl Report is very convenient because it shows you the response codes of pages whether we talk about pages that can no longer be found or the redirects. Alerts are valuable for keeping track of phrases, keywords, links and mentions that are related to your site.

The price of Ahrefs

When it comes to the price of Ahrefs, it is up to you. There are four available packages that are paid on a monthly basis: Lite (99$), Standard (179$), Advanced (399$), and Agency (999$). Some people would say that Ahrefs, compared to their competitors, is more expensive, but they should know that Ahrefs is the most complete marketing tool available.

Many other options like Moz, Majestic, and Raven Tools are specialized in analytics and social components, however Ahrefs provides you with, as previously mentioned, more features.

The fact that this review does exist and that there are a lot of positive comments from Ahrefs users, should be the best proof of quality. Some are impressed by the fact that the tool is very fast and quick and others are impressed with the exportability of the data and the opportunity for creating great reports from Ahrefs directly, in Excel and PDF files. It is important to say that the tool is easy to use and that the database is being updated rapidly and on a regular basis.

Also, do not underestimate the power of Ahrefs by using it only for backlink checks, because that is the same as visting Paris only to see the Eiffel tower.

In conclusion, get it and try it out: that is the best way to see how valuable Ahrefs is and why it is a must have for every SEO/marketer.

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