AngelList Review: Raise Money Or Find A Startup

AngelList is a website where you can find new startups and its main function is to raise money for these startups online. There you can also find available jobs, and you can recruit employees, and apply for funding for startups.

Why is AngelList successful?

Since the site was founded in 2010, AngelList helped more than a hundred startups by giving them an opportunity to raise money on this platform. For those who worry, this is a completely legal way of raising money for startups and it is also available for everyone who has an idea. By registering to the site, you are creating your account on this platform and you can also choose which notifications you want to receive to your email. Unlike other sites, AngelList offers you a possibility of deleting your account at any time if you are no longer interested in the content of this website.

Options for AngelList users

When you enter the website you have three basic options: Find a startup job, Post a job, and Invest in startups.

AngelList for the unemployed
If you are looking for a job, the instructions are simple. For starters, go to Jobs. Then you must create a profile so that you can apply. Your search then starts by browsing for jobs and employers. Searches can be easier by using filters, by selecting your interests, or adding specific notes. You may also add an interest in a particular company.Companies can also indicate their interest in you. If it's a match, you'll both get an email and can continue the conversation via email, the AngelList site, or the mobile app.

AngelList for recruiters
If you are recruiting, then just click Post a job option. There you will have a chance to reach almost a million candidates in various positions for free (posting and hiring is free). AngelList, apart from saving time to the employers and candidates, helped more than 4000 companies by hiring AngelList candidates.

AngelList for investors
There is also a third option, Invest in startups. Through AngelList, more than five hundred million dollars was invested in many jobs. Majority of investments are implemented by syndicates. A syndicate is a VC fund created to make a single investment. They are led by experienced technology investors, and financed by institutional investors and sophisticated angels. Investors can participate by applying to back a lead or by investing in a fund.

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Makerbase review: Great database of makers
Everyone knows who Mark Zuckerberg is, but no one remembers the name of the other co-founder of Facebook. You can take many of these examples where people can only remember the main guy behind the major company. Because of that, the influence and significance of any designer, developer, or any other employer is being degraded. This phenomenon can be a reason why Makerbase is a useful platform.

Anyone can be a maker!

The Makerbase is a website, but also a database of digital projects such as apps or websites and artworks. Their philosophy is that anyone who makes something on the internet should be on Makerbase. They believe that their database is very important and it will be beneficial to keep track of everything new on the tech market, however, they also believe that the maker does not have to be just the coder or founder. Anyone who helped in creating a project should be labelled as the makers.
For example:
If someone has contributed to any particular project by designing a logo, on this site he should be labelled as a maker.

Makerbase for future collaborations

So it could be said that Makerbase represents a reference for anyone who's interested in apps and platforms and the people in charge of these websites. The value of this perspective is that the potential teaming up of everyone who deals with technology is much easier. By finding people who have worked on many of the apps, projects, or artworks you can find on this website, the hiring process will be a lot quicker. By clicking on the ’’search’’options employers will know exactly what they like in the potential contributor. Also, add your contribution on a project to the list of makers, if you did something that falls under this category.

Nowadays, there is not only one person responsible ford big innovations, projects and likewise accomplishments. There is a lot of work to be done before the product can be completed and the process of completion entails the help of many people and their efforts. The site is encouraging this perspective and provides the makers with the entitlement they deserve.

Overall, The Makerbase is a rather useful tool in both the cooperative approach to projects and it gives credit to the people who participated in the creation of apps, projects and artworks. Join the community if you are interested in new technologies, if you are searching for a potential employee or a partner or want to add a reference about something you have previously done.

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