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The dashboard is made to give you an overview in the best way possible. By giving you options to filter, you can obtain any statistic you like. E.g. ‘how much did my affiliate program generate last week?’ It takes just 3 clicks or less.

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Always know how your Awin affiliate program is performing

When you hate logging in everywhere, exporting and remembering your data or just creating overviews yourself, then is the perfect solution for you. Find more features below.

Track your Awin sales

Import all your Awin sales automatically and track the commission status.

Combine with Google Analytics

All your visitors’ statistics in one place: you no longer need to search for your KPI’s.

Clear and time saving overview

Our dashboard is created to give you peace of mind as well as comfort since it’s clear, precise and easy to use.


  • Connect your favorite network to Google Analytics
  • Up to 25 leads per month
  • Perfect for starters.



  • Ulimited networks
  • Up to 100 leads per month
  • Unlimited features
  • Perfect for medium sized websites.


  • Unlimited networks
  • Unlimited leads
  • Unlimited features
  • Perfect for big websites.

Awin affiliate network information

Awin is an affiliate network whose main motto is to ‘empower advertisers and publishers of all sizes to grow their businesses online’. They were founded following the merger of Zanox and Affiliate Window, a German and a British network. Recently, they also acquired ShareASale.

Zanox + Affiliate Window = Awin

Awin has a combined network of more than 100.000 publishers partnered with 6.000 advertisers. The main proof of this network’s continuous growth is that every 24 hours, 230 new affiliates are joining this network. Some of the advertisers one can choose to work with are: National Express,,, Waitrose, Fortnum & Mason, and many more. They have 15 offices around the world and their website is available in 17 languages.

In 2016, Awin’s publishers earned 324 million pounds. Market Insights at Awin. Awin also gives access to their white papers, sector trends and editorial publications, offering thus very comprehensive market insights. For example, their trend reports provide in-depth analysis into few sectors. They also have produced a number of white papers investigating the most important topics across the affiliate channel.

Features at Awin

Awin provides an extensive selection of banners of different sizes. Apart from them, the network provides URL versions or links in HTML that will contain your unique publisher’s ID code.

Customer Support
Many users are satisfied with their customer support. This is because they have separated emails and telephones for aspects such as sales, international sales and press media. By contacting them, one can be sure that they will try to answer any inquiry as quick as they can. From personal experience we can tell that the people at Awin are committed to your success. 

Awin suggests various methods for different regions. In general they recommend ACH payments (for publishers in the USA and not only). However, for the international publishers, the payments can also be done through wire transfer.

After the two popular German (zanox) and British (Affiliate Window) networks merged, they created one worldwide network that has users in more than 180 countries. This user-friendly network provides various tools and all the help available so everyone can successfully monetize their websites.