CJ AffiliateCJ Affiliate is one of the affiliate network websites offering merchants a solution for starting an affiliate program. This network helps merchants to connect with publishers and marketers who are interested in promoting their products.

This collaboration is beneficial in increasing sales and generating additional traffic to the merchant website. The USA company behind CJ Affiliate is called Conversant LLC. The service was previously known as Commission Junction.

CJ Affiliate is the largest affiliate advertising marketplace

CJ Affiliate, formerly known as Commission Junction, was founded in 1998. Nowadays, CJ operate together with Dotomi, Greystripe, Mediaplex, and ValueClickMedia as one company which is called Conversant.

CJ affiliate is a popular network with lots of publishers on it. This is promising as the number of publishers or potential affiliates is one of the most important criteria merchant should be thinking about when deciding on which network to join. This exposure to potential affiliates is the main reason merchants join affiliate networks as opposed to using affiliate software for example.

This affiliate network is excellent for advanced and high-end retailers looking for high quality affiliate marketing and advertising solutions.

How does CJ Affiliate work?

After you have signed up, you can go to your dashboard and start searching for advertisers. The best way to find an advertiser is to search for the one that is relevant to your website. After you click on ‘get links’, you will find various categories and they will help you with finding the perfect advertiser for your site.

You may also try a different method by finding an advertiser based on the country that you want to target. However, many advertisers take affiliate sales from the global audience, so this method does not have to be a necessity.

So, after you find advertisers that you are interested in, you simply apply for the affiliate program in question. Nonetheless, if you are beginner, many advertisers will see that you are new on this platform and this might be a reason for them to reject you. The best solution for this problem is to try contact them via email, which can be found on their advertiser profile.

With this sincere approach, you can persuade them that you are the right man or woman for promoting their product. After you have applied for several advertiser offers, you can go back to your dashboard and click on review, where you can see if your application is still pending, or if it has been rejected or accepted.

Payment methods at CJ Affiliate

When talking about the payment, CJ offers payments on Net-20 terms. This means that payment will be received within 20 days of the end of the month. It is also important to mention that CJ does not consider PayPal as payment. Transactions can be completed via paper check, direct deposit or Payoneer. Using Payoneer is a good method because it covers more countries than the other two options of payment. The list of supported currencies for direct bank deposits and payments by check can be found on their website.

There are no fixed prices for different plans and all advertisers are referred to contact sales staff for a more precise quote.

The benefits of CJ Affiliate are that this network helps you to directly promote your affiliate programme, which is not possible with affiliate software. Moreover, CJ Affiliate has a network with a large base of affiliates which are constantly looking for new affiliate programs. Next to the large amount of publishers, CJ Affiliate is one of the biggest networks available on the market and it has advanced features which allow you to deal with high-end retailers.

As any other serious company, CJ Affiliate wants to expand. Thus, in addition to the USA, you can find their headquarters in United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, and South Africa. Also, they offer customer support with email and phone.

On the downside, even if you run a very successful programme, you will have to pay a percentage of each sale to CJ Affiliate, which can be costly for merchants. Nonetheless, the benefits definitely way-up to the downsides.