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FinanceAds is a performance marketing agency that has grown into a very large international affiliate network for the financial sector. Founded in 2006, FinanceAds focused on improving the business opportunities for advertisers in the banking sector. Within a few years, the company became a market leader in several European countries. Now, you can take advantage of FinanceAds affiliate programs in 8 EU countries. In 2016, the company received the Best Affiliate Network in Europe award.

Financial programs leader

The most important feature that sets FinanceAds apart is its large network of more than 150 leading advertisers. When you have a blog, website or a mobile app in the finance niche, you can gain from your visitors by selling finance and insurance products. You can choose any affiliate program in the financial and insurance industries available through FinanceAds. It is simply a free hub for publishers to choose from the many available affiliate programs.

Benefits for FinanceAds affiliates

Affiliates often look for lucrative programs with successful products. It is much easier to sell products that are already in high demand. Targeted niche products sell very well among the right audience. If you have niche expertise in the finance sector and cater to EU audience, FinanceAds can be the right affiliate program for you.

  • Additional commissions – Apart from the commissions you receive from your partnership with advertisers, FinanceAds offers bonus payouts capped at 10%. You can earn more bonus by increasing your affiliate revenue.
  • Huge affiliate network – Affiliates of FinanceAds will get exposure to exclusive affiliate programs from more than 150 advertisers in Europe. Individual products in account and card, loans, investment and financing categories are available.
  • Personalized support – Running an affiliate business is hard and FinaceAds equips you with a personal account manager when you sign up. You will also get exclusive product information on unique content, products and different advertising media which can help you to boost your affiliate revenue.
  • Exclusive affiliate tools – FinanceAds provides comparison tools for different categories that can be integrated into your website or blog directly. The iFrame comparison calculator will help your visitors to choose the best products based on their financial needs. Website visitors can go to the merchant website directly through the comparison tool and affiliate information will be logged automatically. Product data is available as XML or CSV interface which can be used to create your own comparative calculator or mobile apps.

Payout structure
The payouts and commissions you receive depend on the affiliate program you choose. Depending on the revenue you make, FinanceAds provides bonus payments.

FinanceAds is a great platform for publishers looking for profitable affiliate programs in the banking, finance and insurance sector. With free sign up option, there is no risk and you can explore numerous affiliate partnerships in the EU region.