How to Start Your Linkmarketing Campaign?

For websites that have been online for a while, starting a linkmarketing marketing campaign is much easier than you might think at first. It is not necessary to directly go seeking for new inbound links. It is much easier, faster and more effective to look for links closer to home. If you want to become great, there are not many shortcuts. But there are some quick wins.

1. Internal Linking Structure

Optimizing the internal linking structure can be very effective, but it is often underestimated and neglected. I would like to point out the article by Jim Boykin on optimizing internal links as well as the response to this article by Aaron Wall. You can find some great tips here.

2. 404 page statistics

Are there websites that link to nonexistent pages? Use Google Webmaster Tools (or your own statistics program) to find out what URLs have received links, however that only show a 404 page.

Contacting webmasters of websites that refer to a non existing page and asking to modify this link to a working link is a guarantee of success. Now you can steer the webmaster in the direction of using deep links and / or anchor texts.

3. Checking the URL in search engines

The next step is to contact the websites that do link to your website, however did not include a clickable link. This will certainly provide additional links. Who knows? The webmasters might even be willing to adjust the anchor text.

4. Checking the company name in search engines

As a follow-up for step 3, you should look for websites that have mentioned your company name, but did not include a direct link. Once you have approached all webmasters, both URLs or your company name please include your searches in Google Alert (or a similar program). This allows you to easily monitor your online reputation and use it as a linkmarketing tool.

5. Optimize current links

Another strategy which is very effective, is the optimization of existing links. There are two ways to achieve this; make the link more interesting for visitors or adjust the link for search engines.

Do some research on which links will give you quite a lot of visitors. See if you can improve this by adapting the anchor text in such a way that visitors will click it even more often.

Additionally, you might want to do some research on which links are most important according to Google, and see if you can improve the relevance of the reference. The anchor text also needs to be changed here.

Keep in mind that you do not overdo it with both methods. “Now with 6% discount” is not a good anchor text for indexing by search engines, if used often. Unless you have this as a domain name, however that would be very rare.

The key with anchor texts is to find a balance. If you have no control over your anchors, that's good. It will most likely reflect a natural link profile. When you are using keyword related anchor texts, try to find a balance.

Do you see? Five easy-to-implement linkmarketing strategies that do not require intensive tactics. The use of easily accessible data and contacting the people who are already familiar with your website in some way, is not only efficient but also very effective!

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