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Nowadays, you can often come across many platforms and websites for new startups and for pitching ideas. Many people think that they can come up with some new technical discovery and earn easy money. However, those who are in charge of these platforms that share your ideas will not protect you if it’s your idea incomplete or unprofitable. That is why, Launchsky can help you with your pitches.

It is all about the feedback

For those of you who are not familiar with it, Launchsky is a website where people can post their pitches, so they could receive feedback from users from this platform. Those who are registered on this website are not there to crush your dreams, they are just regular internet users who are ready to help by giving you their opinion. So before you invest money in your pitch, or more importantly, your precious time, you may want to share your pitch on this platform.

You can participate without a pitch
If this concept suits you, but you don’t have anything to offer, you are wrong. Launchsky always accepts new people to their community because without the opinion of the average people, Launchsky wouldn’t exist. By registering on the website, you are becoming a part of the community and a valuable member of this platform.
As a user of Launchsky, you will have a chance to comment on some active pitch (pitches are being updated on a daily basis), but you can also subscribe to apps that you would consider using. After you register and look at some apps that are offered, you will notice that there is an option called Karma points. This feature can be considered as a reward for being a helpful part of the community.

For example:
If you leave a useful comment on the pitch, you will receive 5 Karma points. However, Karma points have another role as well. After you have earned more points you should unlock additional feature, including qualification for free or below price pitch submissions.

How to post a pitch?

If you are interested to share your pitch with the Launchsky community then simply go to the option Submit a pitch. There you will find that the form is very simple and that it takes fifteen to twenty minutes to fill it. After the form is reviewed, you will be notified that your pitch is online and available for comments and other types of feedback. One of the main reasons why this is a good idea is the fact that some of the members of Launchsky community are many successful app developers, designers, investors etc. There can’t be a better tough crowd available.

Feel free to comment
People behind this website are often underlying that your opinion matters, so if you have additional questions or any suggestions you can always contact them via email or ask your question in a comment below this post.

As a platform for sharing pitches for apps, we could say that the website’s main target is the validation of the idea. All of your uncertainties will disappear after you hear the opinion of the professional crowd, as well as the regular users of the community. Since it places its importance on the community, Launchsky is thus very unique.

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