Medium Review: Open But Not Avarage

Nowadays, most media content is fairly sensationalist and is valued solely on the basis of the number of views, clicks, likes etc. Most are either completely useless or are so sophisticated and filled with such language that you can barely understand what is being said. The website Medium is the complete opposite.

Medium is not average about content

This ingenious platform is a place where you can find content in the form of different essays, articles or just fun ideas and other multimedia content. If you are into reading articles that deal with politics and social issues, then this website is great, since these kinds of articles are very popular on this site. With their unpretentious language and references, articles and essays on art, consumer society, and advertising are interesting and fun to read.

Overall, exploring the new stories in various topics and reading about experiences of average people is quite refreshing. Plus, the design of the site is appealing and can be accessed via a mobile app.

The site is open to the average user, however you can also join the community and offer your ideas, thoughts, opinions or deep personal experiences that you think others would find interesting.

The Highlight Option
There are very innovative tools available to you as you read. You can comment, join the conversation and share and exchange opinions on a certain topic or issue. Also, the innovative part is the fact that you can highlight a part of the article that you found the most interesting or on-point.

Become a writer at Medium

All in all, this website is quite interesting and appealing, and you can see this by only looking at the article titles and photos on the homepage, which have the most likes. Basically, the quality content is present and if you think you have what it takes to contribute to the community you should definitely become a writer for Medium. Eye-catching titles and intriguing leads are amongst the other things  you can find on this site.

Choose a category and find something that interests you, be it Culture, Politics, Technology, Business etc. Medium is a platform fit for the 21st century as it tackles issues that are relevant and up-to-date. As the founder of Medium said: “Medium is not for everybody, but it’s open to everybody.” For more information, access the site and read how you can contribute or just simply enjoy the stories. If you're looking for freelance writers, give a shot.

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