How to connect?

Step 1: go to the networks page and click the connect button next to the Partnerize image
Step 2: go to, login, and look for the JSON API link. Go to Reporting section in your account. Find the download button and click it.Step 3: A popup will arise. Copy the JSON API Link url to the dashboard to connect Partnerize.
Step 4: Click the blue button and will start fetching the data, wait until you see the ‘Succes' message.


Partnerize/Performance Horizon is among fastest growing networks

Partnerize/Performance Horizon offers training sessions and demos on the affiliate marketing business which is probably their competitive advantage. Over the past few years they have become extremely popular among both publishers and brands alike. Their program functions on a SaaS basis. Apart from being a leader in the travel industry, they have a growing presence in retail, and financial services.

Payments at Partnerize/Performance Horizon
You can receive payment either on a weekly or monthly basis via wire transfer, check, credit card or PayPal. Partnerize mostly pays your commission in a very timely manner, while offering bonuses if your blog is doing well. Payment is available in 60 different currencies.

Customer support
In accordance with their reputation as a blooming affiliate marketing company, they offer customer support in several languages. Likewise, their site is available in German, English and Japanese. In addition to this, Partnerize has offices in the UK, Germany, Japan and Australia where you can reach them via phone, email or by contact form available on their site. They respond quickly and you can reach them 24/7, not only during business hours.

Affiliate programs at Partnerize/Performance Horizon

Here’s an overview of some of the major merchants working with this affiliate network.

Apple is available on their list of affiliate programs which is rather impressive. However, you do need to pay attention to terms and conditions as Apple Online Store has strict guidelines about content, banner, quality, target group and other.

CoolBlue, a rapidly expanding e-commerce company, based in Rotterdam, Netherlands is also on their list. As a company they have been operating on the market since 1999.

Sainsbury’s is second most wide-reaching chain of supermarkets in the entire United Kingdom, and they do business the Partnerize network as well.

Wehkamp are a popular Dutch brand, specializing in retail. They are part of the fashion industry, but also work with electronic devices and other products.

Many more are on Partnerize's list of merchants. Overall, a smart selection of brands made available by this affiliate network.

Conclusion about Partnerize/Performance Horizon

As a global rapidly expanding company, Partnerize/Performance Horizon is one of the most sought-after affiliate networks around. This is because they are considered to be among the most reliable and responsible competitors in this line of work. Also, through their network, a good deal of brands from the travel sector are available to work publishers. If your blog is from this niche, vPerformance Horizon may just be what you need.