Rakuten LinkshareRakuten Affiliate network has been around as an affiliate marketing service for a long time. It was founded in 1996 and was previously known as LinkShare. Today it has more than a 1000 advertisers.

Compared to the bigger affiliate networks, some might say that this is a small number of advertisers. Nonetheless, many like the pleasant collaboration with Rakuten and have been working with them for many years.

Rakuten Affiliate Network Welcome Program

Rakuten Affiliate: Experienced and Reliable

Rakuten works with many well-known and large companies. These companies have great marketing budgets as well as noteworthy annual sales, thus it is no surprise that they collaborate with this affiliate network.

The payment takes place in a CPA model, which means that the publisher gets a commission from every sale, subscription, or lead that the user makes. As well as at other networks, clicks or impressions are not included in the payment. Nonetheless, publishers have an option to display revenue in terms of EPC and eCPM rates on their reports, which allows them to compare apples-to-apples figures with display networks.

Easy to use

As soon as you are approved by an advertiser, you can start working with them. By clicking on the button ‘get links', you are offered a list of possible advertisers. Remember to pick the advertiser that is the most suitable for your website, blog, or platform. There are also advanced options such as deep linking and data feed creation. Rakuten's affiliate links are trackable via any publishing model, including email, social, paid search, and PPC campaigns – and, of course, the standard blog, content, vlog, and video platforms.

What makes Rakuten Affiliate different?

Many users will suggest that all affiliate networks are the same and that their differences are not that important. However, Rakuten has two features that make them stand out from other networks. First, there is the option of rotating banners. If an advertiser offers eight medium rectangle ad units, you don’t have to test each one seperately. You can create a rotating 300×250 ad unit, and Rakuten will automatically rotate the eight banners at random. After a while, you can check the performance and remove ads that are dragging down your eCPM.

The second option that makes Rakuten stand out is the creation of customised deep links. If you have a review of the advertiser’s newest product, you can easily create a custom deep link that will take the user directly to the product’s page. By using a standard banner, a review can be linked to the homepage, or any other lading page. In doing so,  your conversion rate will be increased. Some users might say that deep linking is also possible on other networks and thus does not make Rakuten unique, however, on Rakuten it is more intuitive and easier to track.


The matter of payment can be inconvenient. Unlike other networks, which have a Net-20 schedule, at Rakuten, publishers are payed after the payments of each advertisers are collected. This means that a publisher can receive his commission in a period between one week and two months. Additionally, transactions can be complete via direct deposit and payments by check. As well as on other networks, PayPal is not an option.


In a world where newer is often seen as better, Rakuten defies this rule. If we take into consideration the number of advertisers and publishers that are using this affiliate network, in this case newer is not always better. In addition, Rakuten also tries to be innovative by giving publishers a lot of new promotions and by updating their various newsletters regularly.