shareasaleShareASale affiliate network is present since 2000, exclusively as an Affiliate Marketing Network. This network, located in Illinois, works with more than 3500 merchants.

Users of ShareASale often say that their main advantage is their speed and efficiency. In January 2017, it was announced that global affiliate network Awin acquired ShareASale to provide further international opportunities to domestic advertisers and publishers.

ShareASale offers opportunities for marketers

Basically, ShareASale does not differ much from other affiliate networks. ShareASale offers various affiliate programs to promote on your website or blog. You can find a wide range of categories of affiliated programs. From fashion, garden tips, and art, to food and drinks and business. They also offer the opportunity to take part in classes and webinars to help you improve your skills as an affiliate marketeer.

Great for multiple websites owners

Many users prefer ShareASale from other networks because it’s easier for those who own more than one website. If you have multiple sites, you list them all in one text box, write a description, prioritise those that you think will be more efficient, and voila! It is much simpler than going through each of them step-by-step. This will speed up your process of applying. Also, many users underline that the ShareASale search function is very organised.

Features and tools at ShareASale

ShareASale's main function is creating sales. So, it is not a surprise that they only support cost per sale action models. You cannot use this service for other pre-defined actions, CPM, CPC or site to store. Promotion of your products via email and PPC campaigns are also available. You should know that the whole ShareASale system is self-service: they provide the basics, but organising your ad program, as well as arranging datafeeds, is up to you.

One of the best characteristic of this affiliate network is that they provide real time tracking. Every time when someone clicks on the banner, or when the sale is made, you are being notified. However, you are not being notified when some specific merchant’s program is shut down. Not being aware that some of your affiliate links are dead can be a deal breaker for some users of this affiliate network.

Many users also like the option of generating reports for completed transactions. Another popular feature is the network’s ability to customise the affiliated links. By using this feature, you are turning your deep links into shortened URLs.

Payment method

Similar to other affiliate networks, payment frequency is Net-20, the popular process where the payment will be received within 20 days of the end of the month. This payment method is widely known among users. Transactions are complete via a direct deposit and a paper check. When we talk about the payment threshold, some users will say that is a bit high.


Their user-friendly approach, their great features and tools, and their experience suggest that it is not a coincidence why ShareASale is one of the best affiliate networks available. Sure, not many users will say that they are the best around, but they are in the top ten affiliate networks for sure.