The Startup Pitch Review: A Great Place For Pitches

The Startup Pitch is a website that offers an opportunity to people that want to pitch new Startups and their apps without the need for a connection to the established start-up news blogs. This website is all about finding and trying all the new stuff on the internet.

The Startup Pitch popularity is growing every day

As many other things, The Startup Pitch started as an experiment. In 2008, people from this website wanted to create a page where people could share their experience connected to start-up stories. They called it D.I.Y. Startup News. Do It Yourself Startup News was very popular, however it was clear that the website should cover more concerning this subject. This is how they came up with the concept for the site.

What are the pitching rules?

  • Those who are in charge of the site are welcoming any ideas, regardless if we’re talking about regular or beta pitches. However, some ground rules should be considered.
  • Companies, businesses or Apps that contain coupon sales, affiliate sales, drug-related sales etc., cannot be pitched.
  • Name of Company or App should be just that and not anything else.
    If you try any type of SEO for non-start-up Companies or Apps, do not bother. All of those attempts will be deleted.
  • If you have a signup form, however you are prevented from being live, then you should try a beta pitch.
  • Adult content websites are forbidden.
  • Startup Submission services are not allowed to use this standard forms.
  • For any other questions, the contact option is available.

Instructions for pitching the idea

Once you read the rules, you can start pitching your idea. The process is divided into three steps. The first one is the basic info. Here, you will write your company or app name, website, Email, Twitter. Then you will write your name and last name and answer two questions with yes or no. The questions are: ‘Would you define your product as an App?’ and ‘Is your company/app a Saas (Software as a service)?’. The end of step one is your response to the question ‘How old is your company?’. Not all fields in this form have to be filled in. In step two, or the pitch, you are required to give more info about the idea you are pitching. You will have to give your response on the following questions:

  • ‘What does it do?’
  • ‘Why do we need it?’
  • ‘Who is it for?’
  • ‘What makes it stand out from the crowd?’
  • ‘What’s next?’

Once you did this, you are free to go to the third step, where you finalize your pitch.

As you can see, it is very simple. If you think that you have an interesting pitch, but you don’t know whom to show it to, then this is a place for you. Also, if you are worried about how they deal with User Generated Content, you should not. Every idea is verified by a human before it is allowed to be displayed. If it is not deemed as spam, rude, racist etc., then it goes. For any other questions, you are free to contact them.

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