How to connect Tradedoubler?

Step 1: go to the networks page in your app and click on the connect button next to the Tradedoubler logo;
Step 2: enter your Username and Password;
Step 3: click on the blue submit button and do not close the tab before the data is fetched, you will receive an “Success!” message.

Tradedoubler constantly grows

Tradedoubler’s headquarter is located in Sweden, yet they operate in a total of 69 countries with more than 400 employees. Multiplicity of languages, tendency for development, and their user-friendliness towards worldwide customers are some of the reasons why they are a very popular affiliate network. They have long-term partnerships with brands such as Philips, HP, and Microsoft.

About Tradedoubler

The registration is simple, and once you’re in you will find all the features that this network offers you. It should be noted that Tradedoubler supports all the common advertising layouts such as video ads, text ads, banners, etc. Publishers prefer Tradedoubler because they provide the marketing solution, TD CONVERT, which enables publishers to generate additional revenue from their websites.

After a publisher finds a merchant and the program that he likes, he can start promoting the product on his page. Promotion includes banners, blog posting, and social media. As we all know, publishers earn a percentage of each sale he or she is responsible for. This is why a publisher’s motivation is paramount in order to succeed in the cooperation between the merchant and the publisher.

Joining Tradedoubler

When signing up as a merchant, you should look for an option to become an “Advertiser” on Tradedoubler. When on the home page, click on the “Advertisers” header menu item in the top left corner of the page. Once on the page, you will get information about benefits of becoming one of advertisers. From there, you will be able to find contact information.

Merchants can use a phone number or contact form on the site to get more information about opportunities and costs of joining the network. The direct contact email that merchants (advertisers) can use is:

Once registered on the network, a merchant needs to set up his affiliate program campaign and add information about the products. The merchant needs to upload information about products available, add pictures and prices, set commissions and integrate the tracking to work with his website. The goal is to make products available to potential affiliates who would be promoting them.

Affiliates will then browse the Tradedoubler network in search for cool products and opportunities. When they find a product they like, they will start promoting it online through their own channels. Once a sale that is driven by an affiliate is registered, an affiliate earns a commission.
Models at Tradedoubler
Several payment models are available on this network. We have CPA, CPL, and CPS. Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) is the most popular, however, every model has its qualities. Furthermore, CPL can be popular as well, when merchants can pay for newsletter signups or other options that can lead to a sale in the future.

Tradedoubler also offers traditional CPC and CPM models, however, this model is not that popular among merchants who are looking to set up affiliate programs.


Tradedoubler unfortunately does not share pricing information on their website. A merchant needs to contact their sales team for a quote and all other financial details. What is common to all the affiliate networks and also something you as a merchant should expect is that there might be a network admission fee as well as transaction fees.

Network admission fee is usually paid one-off, as a sort of entry fee. Transaction fees on the other hand are charged each time a commission is paid out to the affiliate. Often, it presents a small percentage of the commission. Finally, some affiliate networks have monthly minimum fees and deposits. These are all the questions you should ask the sales agent when discussing your registration as an advertiser on Tradedoubler network.

Overall, this network is very popular for both affiliates and advertisers. Merchants join this network to gain access to thousands of potential publishers who are already on the network and looking for new clients to work with can help merchants start their affiliate program faster in comparison to using affiliate software. Moreover, the merchants using this platform are of high quality, different payment models are integrated and phone support is very trustworthy.

On the downside, payment plans are not provided on the website and there is a clear lack of technical guides, which might scare off the less experienced customers.