How to connect the Tradetracker statistics?

Step 1: go to the networks page in your app and connect button next to the TradeTracker image
Step 2: go to and look over to the right side, copy-paste the Customer ID and Passphrase onto the required fields
Step 3: click on the blue submit button and do not close the tab before the data is fetched, you will receive an “Success!” message.

TradeTracker: well-earned place in the top 5

Around 5000 advertisers are listed in their affiliate network. The brands that have chosen to work with TradeTracker are, among others, Axa, AliExpress, Desigual, Allianz and Zaplo. Their website is available in English and French, so you can deduce that they are a Europe-centered program.

An affiliate network focused on Europe
TradeTracker has offices in 16 countries, mostly in Europe, and work with advertisers from 19 countries. Here’s a list of pros and cons that may help you see whether this network is a good fit for you.

Pros at TradeTracker

  1. Excellent customer support – A great deal of publishers claimed they like the fact that they are very open for communication and they want to keep both them and advertisers happy.
  2. Easy application – The registration process is quick and painless. Upon approval you gain access to your own admin account panel.
  3. Nicely designed platform – This affiliate network has an intuitive platform that offers a number of options for tracking leads, conversions, clicks and sales.
  4. A variety of advertising categories – Although there aren’t as much brands available, they are categorized in such a way that you are bound to find something to fit your niche – from books, sports to home & gardening and professional services.

Cons at TradeTracker

  1. Limited options to receive payment – TradeTracker only supports bank transfers, which is probably not that great of a problem if you operate within Europe.
  2. Not as much brand options – Publishers using this network are yearning to choose from a wider range of advertisers, as TradeTracker is a smaller-scale UK network.

Conclusion about TradeTracker

If your business is based in Europe and you are looking for a partner that values open communication and is additionally eager to help you manage your affiliate marketing program – TradeTracker may just be right for you. You will love their platform and possibilities.