How to connect Webgains?

Step 1: go to the networks page in your app and connect button next to the Webgains image
Step 2: go to, to find this page, look over to the right side of your screen after logging in an click the “Request API key” link.
connect webgains
Step 3: Copy and paste your API Key and click on the blue submit button. Do not close the tab before the data is fetched, you will receive an “Success!” message.

Webgains is both profitable and a learning option

webgainsWebgains does act as a “marketing performance coach” as stated on their introductory page. Webgains encourage their affiliates to interact and they have formed a global and vibrant community. They have spread their program to 200+ countries worldwide and cater to the needs of 1800 brands, like Nike and Samsung.

Extremely popular with publishers
As previously mentioned, Webgains work with an enormous number of affiliates. Some publishers even state that it is among the best affiliate networks out there. This is due to their reliability, an extensive number of exclusive clients but also strict rules about taking on affiliates. So, they minimize the chance of fraud and aim to provide the best service possible.

Customer support
Their customer support is excellent and they honestly aim to ensure a smooth functioning of your affiliate marketing program. This is probably because they will retain the trust of their most enthusiastic partners. This aspect is extremely important when you’re stuck. What is more, most publishers claim that they respond to your enquiries as soon as possible. If you need to, you can reach them both by email or phone.

Payments at Webgains
This affiliate network offers the following commission types: CPA, CPL, CPS and CPC.
The payment frequency is on a weekly basis although some publishers have said that their payouts to take up to 3 months. In any case, they do ultimately pay you your well-deserved commission. The minimum payment threshold is $ 25 which is quite nice. Webgains offers payment methods like by check, wire, ACH but also PayPal.

Our conclusion about Webgains

To sum up, this affiliate network might be a good fit for you regardless of your location as they operate world-wide. Moreover, they accept PayPal as a payout method which means you can receive your commission basically anywhere. They are open to your enquiries and suggestions, and host an enormous community of publishers.